Monday, May 13, 2013

Nan Eomma Nun Appa

Synopsis :  

From Rosa Negra:

A plain highschool girl, Sun-Nam Bae.
She wanted to be free for once in her life, and decided to rebel. But the result of such rebellion.... being a mom?!

"Who the heck are you? Where did a ugly pumpkin like this roll in from? You think I was born a man, just to live with a ugly girl like you?"

Bravely standing her ground against a spoild young master, Chun-Doong Mah, with her child. Chun-Doong and Sun-Nam's tumultuous diary of raising a child!!

Author(s) : HWANG Mi Ri
Artist(s) : HWANG Mi Ri
Status in Country of Origin : 18 Volumes (Complete)
Associated Names :
난 엄마 넌 아빠
I Am Mama, and You Are Papa
I Mama You Papa
I Mama; You Papa
I'm Mama, and You're Papa
I'm the Mom You're the Dad
I'm the Mom, You're the Dad
Tôi là Mẹ còn anh là Cha - Vợ chồng trẻ con
Vợ chồng trẻ con

Genre : Drama / Romance / Shoujo 
Year : 2010

Raws  :

Volume 1 / Volume 2 / Volume 3 / Volume 4 / Volume 5
Volume 6 / Volume 7 / Volume 8 / Volume 9 / Volume 10
Volume 11 / Volume 12 / Volume 13 / Volume 14
Volume 15 / Volume 16 / Volume 17 / Volume 18 End

Other raws : Soon

Volume 01 : Download         Volume 02 : Download
Volume 03 : Download         Volume 04 : Download
Volume 05 : Download         Volume 06 : Download
Volume 07 : Download         Volume 08 : Download
Volume 09 : Download         Volume 10 : Download
Volume 11 : Download         Volume 12 : Download
Volume 13 : Download         Volume 14 : Download
Volume 15 : Download         Volume 16 : Download
Volume 17 : Download         Volume 18 : Download   End


  1. it would be soooo great if it was translated :D
    i tried reading it but i didn't understand much my korean isn't good enough yet :(

  2. Is it alredy translated to english or is it still in korean? Also is this website good for downloads.

  3. hi there, can someone tell me the password i need to open the file for volume 3 ??? and do i need the same password for the others or do i need new ones? thxxxxxxx

  4. pls can someone give me the password

  5. how can I read it? I don't understand~

  6. password i need to open the file for volume 3 ??!!!

    please password :(

  7. i reeaally like this manhwa! its different

  8. thanx for ur work but cant i have it in english plz i reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly like this Author

    1. I agree with you, i've read it in some web(in English), but the release verrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy slow, i hope i can read Korean,

  9. yh most her manho have aloooooooooong way in english i realy wish i can read Korean,

  10. yes i'm realllllllyyyyyy like this manhwa. pleaseeeee releasssseeee fasterrrrrrrr

  11. if you want faster releases, please help us with translating, cleaning or typsetting (manhwa shojo scans) We could really use help ;)

  12. faster releases please
    i reallyyy LOVE this manhwa

  13. Thanks!!!! translations are really slow on this, so it's great to have the raws. Can't wait to see the main guy taken down a couple notches. Actually, more than a couple. xD

  14. i really like this manga >,< . i hope you can translate in english too. i don't understand korean. btw, thanks for the raw ^^

  15. Thank you <3 <3 <3

  16. thank you, your work is great