Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Be Mine

Synopsis :

어린 시절 인기 아역배우였던 이서야는 같은 반의 신제하를 좋아했지만, 삐뚤어진 애정표현으로 제하를 괴롭혔고, 아픈 제하에게 큰 잘못을 저지른 행동의 대가를 받게 되어 쫓겨나듯 전학을 가게 된다.
이후로 이서야의 집은 아버지의 사업실패와 아역배우로서의 이미지 타격으로
어려움을 겪게 된다. 그렇게 시간이 흘러 고등학생이 된 서야는 소심한 아이로 변했다. 예전의 자신을 아는 사람이 있을까봐 언제나 얼굴을 가리고 소극적으로 학교생활을 해오게 된다. 하지만 결국, 고등학교에 입학한 서야는 신제하와 재회를 하게 되는데?!

Author(s) : CHA Kyung-Hee
Artist(s) : CHA Kyung-Hee
Status in Country of Origin : 40 Chapters (Completed)
Genre : Drama / Romance / School Life / Shoujo / Smut 
Year : 2013

Download Links:

Chapter 01-04 : Download
Chapter 05-09 : Download

Raws :
Chapter 01-10 : Download
Chapter 11-20 : Download
Chapter 21-30 : Download
Chapter 31-40 : Download  End


  1. Could you please upload the raw version of this series? I really want to read it: )

  2. yeah me too i would like to see the raw od the series!!

  3. Please upload the raw please. I really interested this manhwa. Please release!!!

  4. can anybody translate the synopsis? I would really like to know what this manhwa is about. Thanks!

  5. Hello,
    sorry but that's impossible for me to open your raws ??? Do you have a solution pleassssseeee !!??? thank you

  6. if anyone knows what this manhwa is about please tell me. I tried to translate the summary using Google but it did not make any sense

    1. Actually, the male and female leads were once child actors. The female lead, Seo-ya Lee, comes from a rich family but some kind of scandal occurs that affects her career. As children, Seo-ya liked the main guy, Jeha Shin, and used to bully him. But she went too far once and badly hurts him and it ended with them being separated. Years later, Seo-ya has become a shadow of her former self. She is still afraid that people will recognize her and covers her face when she is outside. She did not expect to reunite with anyone... but one day, Jeha suddenly appears before her.

  7. Childhood was a popular child actor in this drivel is the same like the gods of the excluded, but twisted and tormented my affection, and the sick are excluded to err is given of the action seemed to be kicked out of school is to
    Since this is the House of the father's business failed, and as a child actor as its image as a blow
    The difficulty is to suffer. So this time it's in a high school student with a timid as a child. I wonder if anyone knows the old man himself always face veils are brought to school life passively. But in the end, it's in a high school admitted to God, to my reunited with that?!

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    I'm crazy !! impossible to download chap 5-9 please help me !! thank you

  9. Please please please upload this manga! I will be forever grateful!!

  10. Oh please someone translate this manga in English I will very greatful!anyone pick this project

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    thank you!

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