Wednesday, February 14, 2018

A Tale of Felluah

Synopsis :

A story of a princess married to a prince from another kingdom. What will await them? 
Summary Rizzz:
 Orthez Acryl is the Duke of Tesa's eldest daughter. She is a beautiful young lady who managed to capture the heart of the kingdom's crown prince. However, rather than become the crown princess she requested marriage to an Earl of a far away land called Fellua... Two people who never met each other agreed to marry the other... what motivates this two behind their decision...?

Author : KIM Yeon-Joo
Artist : KIM Yeon-Joo

Associated Name:
Pellua Iyagi  

Genre :  Romance / Historical / Shoujo 
Status : 79 Chapters (Ongoing)
Year : 2012

Raws :
Volume 01 : Uptobox
Volume 02 : Depositfiles / Uptobox

Volume 08 chap 46-52 : Download
Volume 09 chap 53-59 : Download

Chapter 72 : Download
Chapter 73 : Download
Chapter 74 : Download
Chapter 75 : Download
Chapter 76 : Download
Chapter 77 : Download
Chapter 78 : Download
Chapter 79 : Download


  1. i have problem with password for volume 2. love-manhwa doesn't work. is there other password?

  2. try again ,I think you typed it wrong

  3. Love this manhwa. Please update more! Thank you very much! XD

  4. link for volume 2 does not work.

  5. Really love this manhwa! Thank you very much for the update! Can't wait to read more!

  6. totally in love with this manhwa...i wish the English translation is faster...

  7. link for volume 2 doesn't work for me too :(
    any help?

  8. pleasee.. update volume 3 and 4.....

  9. update please, I waited for a long time

  10. I LOVE THIS MANHWA SO MUCH please tell me more if there's an update

  11. This manhwa is is really good! please update volume 3 and 4

  12. Thank you so much for the raws :D, hoping for more :)

  13. thank you for the raw, please update the newer volume, i love the story so much, thanks

  14. what z the password fr volume 2?


    ----> A blog about A Tale of Felluah created by a fan. Keep an eye on this blog, she might upload the raws as she has the magazines. But if you really the series, help her develop the blog too :)

  16. please upload vol.3-5 ! PLEASE (T^T)

  17. Update please. I am so waiting for the vol 4-5! Thanks

  18. Update yukkkksss plz :*

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  20. Hi everyone,

    I'm building a place for Kim Yeon-joo's fans, especially Nabi. There will be scenes, summaries, spoilers and discussion til Nabi vol.18.

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    Hope to see you!!

  21. i love this manhwa
    update please.... i beg of you....