Friday, May 13, 2011

Silver Diamond

Associated Names: シルバーダイヤモンド, 銀色鑽石, Kim Cương Bạc, S♢
Status in Country of Origin: 23 Volumes (Ongoing)
Rakan lives alone, and the plants in his garden grow so thick and fast that it seems like a jungle. One day a man, holding a gun made of wood, falls right down into his garden. He seems to come from another world, and he's searching for someone who can bring back the green into his own dark and inhospitable world.


  1. You ladies are so amazing!!! I requested this last week and here it is. *(speechless)*
    thank you so much!

  2. Volume 20 is uploaded with volume 19. please upload volume 20 when you have time. No hurries - thank you!

  3. This manga is absolutely fantastic. I love being able to read it in Korean, I never noticed how off the English scanlations were before. Thanks so much, this totally made my day(s).

  4. thanks for uploading...i love u guys for it...
    oh by the can i have a request...
    i also want the manga called koori no mamono no monogatari...from the same author of silver diamond....