Friday, May 13, 2011

Sweet Mission

Synopsis :

The sequel to Lady M o Sagase!

 The storyline focuses on the student council solving mysteries while living their normal lives. They tackle different missions everyday regarding the school and solve any case given to them. But that's not all! Romance between the demonic president and council member, Akari continues to develop in the midst of chaos... But is she honest enough to accept her own feelings for this sadist?

Author(s) : FUJII Akemi
Artist(s) : FUJII Akemi
Status in Country of Origin : 12 Volumes (Complete)
Associated Names : スイート・ミッション / 甜蜜任务
Genre : Comedy Drama Romance School Life Shoujo 
Year : 2004

Raws  :  
Volmue 01 : Lady M. wo Sagase! ( translated in Eng )
Volume 02 : Download
Volume 3-5 : Download
Volume 6-08 : Download
Volume 09 : Download
Volume 10 : Download
Volume 11 : Download
Volume 12 : Coming Soon   


  1. I've only been able to find up to v8 on this series. Thanks Meriem and hope you can find the others! :)

  2. @chris2c
    U welcome chris2c ,I'm gonna post the rest later