Monday, April 9, 2018


HELLO everyone ,Actually I'm purchasing these manhwas and others ones too but I can't afford to buy them all by myself so please help and support me by donating please !!!!!

Please DO NOT reupload our scans to other sites, and scanalators are free to use our raws, just as long as you give us credit . Enjoy browsing!


  1. Can you please write their names

  2. Hello, i've purchased 오만과 낭만 from indonesian website, maybe that would help you to ease the burden ^^

  3. Hi, I wanted to request if it is within your means, get the raws of a Chinese manhua called The One -THE ONE 獨領風騷畫冊-, I know it is not Korean and the page is dedicated to it, but I wanted to see if there was hope of getting the raws in better quality, and I do not know if in the Korean language there is this version of this manhua, or, to be able to get it through you in its original language, however, the attention given to this request is very much appreciated, and many thanks for what you can comment on this, here the manhua link and again thank you very much and apologize for the audacity to this request.