Thursday, December 18, 2014


Associated Names: 浓情巧克力 濃情巧克力 쇼콜라
Author: Geo SHIN Ji-Sang
Status in Country of Origin: 10 Volumes (Complete)

Kum-Ji thought that she was willing to do anything to get closer to her favorite boy band, DDL, even if it meant that she had to join a fan club of their new rival group, Yo-i. But it is getting harder and harder to deal with E-Soh of Yo-i, the only one who knows about her little secret. And now, E-Soh drops a bomb on her. He tells her...that he...likes her? WHAT? What will Kum-ji do when she finds out that the boy with her most cherished secret likes her?

Downloads: volume 1-4/ volume 5-8 / Volume 8-10 End
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Volume 01: Download
Volume 02: Download
Volume 03: Download
Volume 04: Download
Volume 05: Download
Volume 06: Download
Volume 07: Download
Volume 08: Download
Volume 09: Download
Volume 10: Download   End


  1. so i read volume 8 but it only has 50 pages and seems like it's not complete?*confused*

    can u read korean?

  3. i i can't-i just realised it from the pics...

  4. Discontinued? Then I am going to create my own ending LOL! I really like this one too.

  5. Thanks Duchess! I heard some good things about this series and turned out to be quite good. Can't believe they've discontinued it. I heard there was a bit of a gap between v7&8 so hopefully it's just taking a bit of time to put out the next volume. Fingers crossed!

  6. It seems that it re continued, so there is volume 9 and volume 10.

  7. OMG Chocolat is finally re-continued and finished!?!??! Finally!! I waited literally YEARS for the last volumes! thank you guys soo much for the upload! <3

  8. Hello,I find this series comic for a long time. I so surprised and please give me password. thank you

  9. Licensed and all volume published in english. Volume 8,9,and 10 from korea are in one book published by Yen. That is for those still following.