Monday, November 1, 2010


Associated Names:반혼사,Ban Hon Sa,The Spirit Returner
Status in Country of Origin:7 Volumes (Complete)
A series of fairytale-like stories, loosely connected by the ongoing adventures of the enigmatic Hwa Ryungang, a man with strange powers and a connection to the spirit world, and Moohwe, an irrepressible wanderer with a mysterious past.


  1. excuse me,
    I like this manhwa, Ban Hon Sa, very much. I downloaded vol 1-7pt 1 but I can't download vol 1-7pt 2 because password "love-manhwa" is not right. Can you reupload pt 2?

  2. @Haruka the PW is the same,y don't u try again and let me know

  3. Oh, thankx!
    I can download now. May be my network had problem, I have no idea about this.
    Thank you again!

  4. The second part is giving me errors, too. Over and over (and I wanted & tried again after a bit, too). I've been looking for the raws for this, everywhere! Is there any way to get it from another source or to reupload with mediafire? Or... something? I really appreciate you scanning & posting it, and I'm dying to finally get to read the entire thing!

  5. Wait, I take that back -- it finally worked. YAY! Thank you!

  6. thank you for the raw I love Kim Tae Yeon works (yeah I'm talking about the great Absolute witch ^^) but this one I don't really understand the ending Lol