Tuesday, November 2, 2010

13th Boy

Associated Names:13th Guy,Chàng trai thứ 13,열세번째 남자
It was love at first sight. The moment Hee-So’s eyes met Won-Jun’s she knew it was meant to be. Their relationship took off when Hee-So confessed her feelings on national TV, but less than a month later, Won-jun is ready to call it quits without any explanation at all. Hee-So’s had a lot of boyfriends — Won-Jun is number twelve — but being dumped is never easy. She’s not ready to move on to the thirteenth boy just yet. Determined to reunite with Won-Jun, Hee-So’s on a mission to win over her destined love once more.
Status in Country of Origin:12 Volumes (Complete)


Volume 01 /Volume 02 /Volume 03 /Volume 04 /Volume 05 /Volume 06
Volume 07 /Volume 08 /Volume 09 /Volume 10 /Volume 11-12


  1. Our pleasure!!! Enjoy!!!

  2. Lorie, what kind of problem are you having? I just checked it and it worked...

  3. yeah volume 9 doesn't work for me either >< it says that it can't break the operation? and the RAR folder is blank T__T

  4. Ok I'll reupload vol 9....

  5. i guess this is a vista problem.. total of 3 errors? anyways i found a way to fix it :D
    so i'll post a comment just incase anyone else has the same problem ><;;
    1. right click the folder in winRAR
    2. click repair archive
    3. choose a folder you want to save the repaired RAR file; press okay, etc.
    4. when it asks if you want to mark the archive solid, click yes.
    and.. it's fixed;
    i feel so stupid for saying it didn't work ><
    anyways thank you for your time ruby :3

  6. @esther sure it is no problem but I am re-uploading vol 9 soon so you won't have to go through all that....actually I was @ to post it now...

  7. ok done re-posted hope that works for everyone

  8. 2 download the file whsts the password???

  9. Thank u so much for sharing this, but volume 9 and vol 11-12 link are dead, if you do have time can you pls reupload those? thanks in advance :)

  10. Sorry but, what is the password for downloading these please? :D

  11. the link to 11-12 is dead

  12. pls re-upload vol 9 and 12-13 pls T T

  13. Link to Vol 9 and 11-12 is dead. Could you please kindly re-upload? :)