Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Metal Blue

In a society in which there is a strict identity discrimination, our underclass heroine Lane venture to repay the favor to the lady that nurtured her when she was a child making money in the splendid city of the nobility. Meanwhile, Zion wants to get revenge and asks Lane to be his puppet.

LEE Eun Young

Drama Romance Shoujo 
Status in Country of Origin
49 Chapters (Complete)
Associated Names
Blue Metal

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Chapter 01-02: Download 
Chapter 03-04: Download
Chapter 05-06: Download 
Chapter 07-08: Download
Chapter 09-10: Download
Chapter 11-12Download
Chapter 13-14Download
Chapter 15-16Download
Chapter 17-18Download
Chapter 19-20Download   
Chapter 21-22: Download 
Chapter 23-24: Download 
Chapter 25-26: Download
Chapter 27-28: Download 
Chapter 29-30: Download
Chapter 31-32: Download
Chapter 33-34Download
Chapter 35-36Download
Chapter 37-38Download
Chapter 39-40Download
Chapter 41-42Download   
Chapter 43-44: Download
Chapter 45-46Download
Chapter 47-48Download   
Chapter 49: Download END


  1. Thank you very much! I looked for it.

  2. Oh my gosh I can't believe you're back! I gave up after a year but I kept your page as one of my homepages and so glad I did! Opened it up today to find a bunch of new updates! Yay I think you're the only KR manwha sites left now! Thanks so much, I was looking all over for this! :)

  3. 1-48 files not avaible anymore. Can you reupload it?