Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Her True Color

Description :
Just when Park Sang-Euk was about to take a hit from the opposing gang, he was saved by a mysterious masked girl. The girl took down the jjang and his cronies in the blink of an eye! And now Sang-Euk is determined to find out her identity

Author: Han Yu-Rang
Year: 2003
Romance Shoujo
Status in Country of Origin:
9 Volumes (Complete)
Associated Names:
Ảo mộng

Download Links:
Volumes 01-09 : Download   End


  1. could you give me password for "her true color" manga?? thanks before ^__^

  2. This one is REALLY, REALLY weeeeiiiiirrd! I like it, but I don't, because for non-Korean speakers, it seems rather unlikely that something so little could push the unrelated boy and girl apart. Yet, I'm STILL not sure who she ends up with. Because she's not with the blonde-haired guy at the very end, either. Doesn't either Hwang Mi Ri or Han Yu-Rang usually show little epilogues of the couple, together, at least, then the rest of the characters in their own setting?

  3. i really want to download this but can't plz help