Sunday, January 11, 2015

Crab Kiss


Although Hye-Bin was smart enough to get into a prestigious private academy, her life has been marred by the fact that her mother used to be a famous porno actress. Having led a difficult life so far, Hye-Bin refuses to just sit there and take it, and no one who knows the secret about her now-legitimate-actress mother dare say anything about it. But Hye-Bin's one true purpose of coming to this academy was to find her childhood friend and love, Ryul, who had given her first kiss when they were little. Having seen Ryul declare on TV shows after becoming a child star that he was still waiting for Hye-Bin, she had been dreaming for this reunion ever since. But something is wrong with Ryul. The warm, friendly kid she remembers had been replaced by a cold, indifferent boy who is seemingly obsessed with the beautiful president of the art club. Worse, there seems to be a more complicated situation underneath as Hye-Bin realizes that she has entangled herself into something much more complex than she could imagine. Everyone wants to use Hye-Bin as their pawn in the game, but she won't have any of it!...

Comedy Drama Romance School Life Shoujo
Status in Country of Origin
10 Volumes (Complete)
Associated Names
Nụ Hôn Đầu

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  1. theres an error that says only mediapro members can download it

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS i've been waiting for this manhwa for such a long time <3 <3 but... is it possible to upload this manga in mediafire because there's an error message that says I can't open the in my country (USA)... thank you :)