Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Bloody School Life

Synopsis :

 As a neighboring girls' high school and boys' high school merge, everyone is excited except Bada. Bada is the boss of the schools around and girls say she hates boys, not knowing her secret life on MSN! This bully and a filthy game nerd turns into a shy babydoll before her boyfriend. However, her double life is in danger as boys from the neighboring high school move in to her class. The boy sitting next to her is her boyfriend's friend!

Artist(s) : Eun Hui
Author(s) : Park Yeon-Ah
Genre : Comedy / Romance / Shoujo / school life
Status in Country of Origin : 3 volume ( complete )

Downloads links : 
Volume 01 / Volume 02Volume 03 ( complete )


  1. i wasn't really sure about the name i just typed it in google to translate and this came up

  2. We will wait that kaverlyn translate it

  3. Actually, this series is already added on MU.
    Its name is My Bloody School Life.

    MU has volume 3 cover. YesAsia has volume 2 cover, which is the same as Duchess's.

    Thanks for all of your hard works!!!
    You have almost daily updates.

  4. May I dare ask where do you download the raws?
    I tried emule but in vain. I have low ID (or even no connection). I tried to fix it but couldn't.

  5. ^_^ thx mylightstar and i'm sorry but i can't answer u'r quest in the comments

  6. thanks mylightstar for the info ^_^

  7. Does this blog belong to one person only or to a group.
    I see there are 3 posters: Duchess, meriem, and rubyred.

  8. Yes it belong to a groop : Duchess, rubyred , Karavelyn and me .

  9. i'm sorry to be a bother but the link to volume 2 is gone.
    volume 1 and 3 is there but 2 isn't.
    could you fix? thank you.