Monday, April 9, 2018

Awfully Damn Kiss and Hug

Synopsis :  

Young-un is a beautiful girl who dates and dumps guys easily, and Yeon-ho is a strange boy with a dark past who makes her feel something different...

Author(s) : LEE Gi Ha
Artist(s) : LEE Gi Ha
Status in Country of Origin : Chapter 70 (Ongoing)
Associated Names : 
Jidokhage Kkeureoango Jidokhage Kiseuhago
Genre :  Romance / Drama / Shoujo / School life
Year : 2014

1권: 01-05 
2권: 06-09
3권: 10-16
4권: 17-24 
5권: 25-32
6권: 33-39 
7권: 40-48 
8권: 49-57

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Raws  :
Chapter 01-06 : Download

Volume 07: (Soon)
Volume 08 Ch 49-57: Download
Chapter 58 : Download 
Chapter 59 : Download 
Chapter 60 : Download 
Chapter 61 : Download 
Chapter 62 : Download 
Chapter 63 : Download 
Chapter 64 : Download 
Chapter 65 : Download 
Chapter 66 : Download 
Chapter 67 : Download 
Chapter 68 : Download 
Chapter 69 : Download 
Chapter 70 : Download
Chapter 71 : Download (New)


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    I really appreciate it! but, Uptobox denied access to USA.
    Would it be possible for you to upload in different way?
    Thank you! :)

  2. what is wrong with the password ??

  3. Hi. Can you please reupload this in a different server?

  4. I'm sorry but were can I find more raws I can't stop daydreaming about this manga

    1. OMGGG, we are the same, I am so curious about what is going to be happened soon :')

  5. can you plz upload the remaing raw chapters plzz really appreciate your hardwork

  6. Please volumes 1~6 raw

  7. Hello, please release the new raw chapters, I really love this manhwa. Thankd~

  8. Please upload volume 7 8 9. Thank you in advance.

  9. Thank you for updating this manhwa. I'm waiting for vol 7 8. You're so amazing xD

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  13. Can i know the password? I really want to read this manhwa, thanks before! 🙏 Fighting!!♥

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  18. I can download it but can not open ... I want to cry ... because I'm so curious about this manhwa ... why can not open it? and I really like yeon ho dad ... I hope yong eun with yeon ho's dad...but it seems impossible

    1. the password is on the right panel (love-manhwa). I like his dad too I think Young eun will definitelity fall for him ^^

    2. yes .. i have downloaded it but can not open ... have you seen it? can you tell me a little bit whether yeonho father likes yeongeun or just because she's the boyfriend of his son? until now I still can not believe he is the father of yongho because he is so young

    3. how could people ship yh's dad with his one-and-only son's girlfriend??
      I get that he's nice, good-looking, and all that jazz, but dating his son's gf is like????
      also, how come yh's girlfriend in love w her bf's daddy?
      YH better dates another girl than ended up being hurt by his own dad.
      sorry for being salty, but it aint about how good-looking his dad is, but in love/dating his son's gf/her bf's dad sounds SO wrong to me.

      Thank you sooooo much for uploading the raws!! Fighting!

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  21. Thank you so much!!! Can you post Vol 6 and Vol 7? I appreciate your uploads so much!