Monday, April 8, 2013

I Love You, Vampire

Synopsis :

If loving you was a sin...then that sin already began 200 years ago. I've suffered all this time to meet you, to love you. The lustful vampire Jin WooYoung, and the human girl that he loves, Kwon BoMyoung! When I look at you, the ice cold blood in my body burns like flames.

Author : HWANG Mi-Ri
Artist : HWANG Mi-Ri

Associated Name:
사랑해요 뱀파이어
I Love You Vampire
Ma cà rồng hộ mệnh

Genre : Comedy / Drama / Romance / Shoujo / Supernatural 
Status : 10 Volumes (Complete)
Year : 2012

Raws :
Volume 01 : Already translated in English
Volume 02 : Depositfile / Mediafire / Mediafire / Uptobox
Volume 03 : Depositfile / Mediafire / Uptobox
Volume 04 : Uptobox
Volume 05 : Uptobox
Volume 06 : Uptobox
Volume 07 : Uptobox
Volume 08 : Uptobox
Volume 09 : Uptobox 
Volume 10 : Uptobox End 


  1. Oh my gosh Meriem, thank you soo much! You totally made my day!! We're thankful for all scans on this site, even the Japanese manga raws, but what really made this site special was the original Korean raws (esp HMR and HYR) as you're only one of the two comprehensive KR sites I've found so far! As both sites had been pretty much dormant all year, I'd given up on recent 2012/2013 Hwang Mi Ri/Han Yu Rang/Wann's works...what a nice surprise to find this site back up and running and of all things find new HMR and Wann! I'm really looking forward to going through the complete set of I love you vamp and thanks again :)

    1. You're welcome chris2c ^_^ ,I will do my best to upload new series .Enjoy ^^

  2. cna you upload 4 to 10 volumes again?

  3. i can't download volumes 4 to 10 please can you upload again? or can you send me to my gmail?

  4. Thank you for v4-5 Meriem! Up to Box doesn't open though because I have Adblocker, but even after disabling and even uninstalling, doesn't work. Would be great if you could reup v4-5 to Mediafire, or at least Depositfiles. Thanks!!

    1. sorry chris2c it took me so much time to upload them and I'm using uptobox cause it's faster than Depositfiles ,Iet's hope someone upload them to mediafire

  5. thank you!!!! i love you !!! :)

  6. what is the password for this file??

  7. hello, I could tell which is the key to download the file?

  8. There seems to be an issue with volume 4. I download it but it says the file came to an unexpected end when I try to open it.

  9. what is the password for this files, please ?

  10. Thank you for the uploads!
    However, there are a few that aren't working ):

  11. I will like to ask you guys if you can give me the raw from fallen angles and her true color and may yuna's honey moon diary and saesang bring it on and miunohri to swan please I beg you guys to help me out , , please and thank you for your time

  12. Its says up to box is not available in my there a way you can put it in mediafire? Plz ?

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  14. It seems the file for volume 4 is broken. It has only 4 scans, and one of them can't open :(