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He was cool

Synopsis :  

Chatting online one day because she had nothing to do, Ye-won encountered Ji Eun-Sung, one of the four kings of Sang High School, and picks a fight with him over the internet. Ji Eun-Song later calls Ye-Won and harasses her for insulting him and finds out the school Ye-Won attends, Doil All Girls High School. Angrily Ye-Won hangs up on him and later goes to the hair salon only to coincidentally meet up with Ji Eun-Sung who instantly recognizes her as the girl who insulted him.
Threatening to hit her, Ye-Won escapes the scene only to have Ji threatening her again that he would find her at her school.
The following school day Ye-won attempts to skip classes to avoid being seen by Ji Eun-Sung, but instead accidentally ends up kissing him while trying to jump down from her school's wall. Due to the kiss, Ji Eun-Sung, to Ye-Won's disgust, tells Ye-Won to take responsibility for his first kiss by becoming his girlfriend and eventually marrying him!
Ye-won hated him who is selfish and finical, but unconsciously, she got attracted to him. As the story progresses Ye-Won notices a more gentle and caring side of Ji Eun-Sung...This guy seems to have a broken heart. Finally, Ye-won decided to hug and embrace his hurt... (Source: Shinwonagency)

Author(s) : GUI Yeoni
Artist(s) : KIM Jea-Eun
Status in Country of Origin : 3 Vols (Complete)
Associated Names :
그놈은 멋있었다
He Was Gorgeous
He Was Handsome
That Guy was Splendid

Genre : Shoujo / Romance  
Year : 2004

Raws  :  

Volume 02

Volume 03 
Translation vol 1-3


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