Thursday, July 7, 2011


Synopsis :

From Osuwari Team:
Beginning of college; checking out the school clubs... Nagi likes the drama club because it has a cool-looking guy whom Nagi thinks is kind. But once she joins the club he makes the club members do embarrassing things in public--and makes Nagi cry. His name is Rin, known as "Sad Yama." He won't let Nagi quit the club--and he won't let go of her either!
*Includes a side story called Danchi Rangers in volume 2.

From Intercross:
The weak-willed college freshman Okouchi Nagi and the super sadist Sadayama Rin... Watch as these two enjoy their fun and interesting college life in the drama club!

Author : NAGATA Masami
Artist :  NAGATA Masami

Associated Names:
Danchi Rangers

Genre :  Shoujo / Comedy / Romance 
Status : 2 Volumes (Complete)
Year : 2008

 Raws :
Volumes 01 - 02
Mirror Volume 01 / Volume 02


  1. Could you upload them with mediafire please?
    This link doesn't work for me for some reason....

  2. What is the password for volume 02? I tried : love-manhwa but it didn't work.