Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Your Lover

Associated Names :그대의연인
Status in Country of Origin: 4Volumes (Complete)
A European-style romance story inspired by the historical real-life passion of Parisian painter Marie Laurencin and French poet Guillaume Apollinaire.
Marie and her fiancé Woobin live an idyllic life until Woobin dies in a tragic accident. Her life shattered, Marie returns from France to face his family and an unexpected problem. Woobin's young brother Gangbin looks exactly like him.
Ashamed, Marie suppresses her longings, but Fate draws them together. The cruel hope of experiencing true love again torments Marie. However, a dark and beautiful celebrity, Cheryun, also has her eye on Gangbin and she'll soon play her hand...

Downloads: volume 1-5

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  1. country of origin:4 volumes (complete)
    downloadsL volume 1-5....?0.0
    5 volumes?? im confused..
    thank you anyways duchess!