Friday, July 22, 2011

Kimi wo Ubau, Kimi wo Aisu

Description :

Yuuki changes schools and finds her childhood friend, who she thought was dead, is now alive, but is it really him? A dark tale of lust, loss, and lasting love.

Bitoku no Yoromeki: As a deal for saving her father's company, Shizuku is forced to work as a maid for powerful Kiryuu. Will he just use her or will he understand her heart?

Author : OSAKABE Mashin
Artist : OSAKABE Mashin

Associated Names:

I Take You, I Love You
Kimi wo Ubau Kimi wo Aisu

Genre :  Shoujo/ Romance / Mature/ Smut
Status : 2 Volumes (Complete)
Year : 2001

 Raws :
Volume 01 - 02


  1. this story is really awesome and i would be thrilled if it get picked as a future project, i was so diasapointed when this manga was't fully scanlated sice it's a magnificent story and the characters are really interesting and the the art is really good and detailed so i would totally recommend this one..

  2. I am looking for this and i couldn't find until i keep trying to search and now i found it here. but when i click the link it asking me the password before i can get it even tho its for my personal reason that i want to finish reading this cuz its very great story until now i cant see it. I am begging you please let me know the pass and i am really wanted to finished this story.

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    1. thank you so much :) i really appreciate this.

      really thanks