Monday, April 11, 2011


Associated Names:Tamra - Love the Island
Author:JUNG Hye-Na
Year: 2007
Status in Country of Origin: 10 Volume (Ongoing)
From Entropy:
William’s mother is now tired of his fantasies and dreams of traveling to the east. He is in danger of getting married and never being able to see the wonders of the world! Through his friend Yan’s help, he sneaks on to a Dutch ship that’s heading for Nagasaki, Japan… But he doesn’t even know how long it will take to get there. Then, the ship hits a storm and William, trapped in his hiding place, is thrown overboard. He wakes up to find a girl with curious eyes standing over him…

Downloads: Volume 1/ Volume 2/ Volume 3/ Volume 4/ volume 5/ Volume 6/ Volume 8/ Volume 9

Volume 10 : Part01 / Part02  (scanned by hyeraju)
Volume 11 : Part01 / Part02  (scanned by hyeraju) 


  1. thank you i really wanted to read this one before watching the drama

  2. I have a question! This manga is already finished in Korea?
    Thanks !

  3. Hey, I have downloaded the second volume, but when I opened it from my smartphone what I saw are just some weird characters and symbols. the extension of the file is .htm . Which program will make it to Read this Manhwa. Thanks :)

  4. Hello ! Thanks for your hardwork ! I've been waiting for the scanlation for years and now I'm resigning myself to read the raws.... and that's why I'm here ! But unfortunately vol 1 to 9 are corrupted and can't be opened TT Could you re-upload the rar files when you'll have some free time please ? Thank you in advance !