Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Shibuya Love Hotel

Synopsis :

At the heart of Shibuya district of Tokyo famous whirlpool of life, lies the district of Maruyama-cho,
where s? align complex without the love hotels, these establishments specially designed to accommodate couples? love. Four young girls are getting lost in Shibuya, hoping to meet the one? Love, others to heal their wounds ...

Author(s) : OKAZAKI Mari
Artist(s) : OKAZAKI Mari
Associate names : Shibuyaku Maruyamachou  
Status in Country of Origin : 03 Volumes (Ongoing)
Genre : Drama Romance Shoujo Slice of Life 
Year : 2008

Raws : 
Volume 1-2 / Volume 3- 4


  1. I am afraid the password is other than 'love-manhwa'.

    Please do tell me what is it!!

    Always appreciate your work

  2. I'd really appreciate it if you fixed the link to volume 3-4! The author is one of my favorite and I can't seem to find the volumes anywhere else. Thank you!