Monday, April 18, 2011

Saa Himitsu wo Hajimeyou

Synopsis :

From Chibi Manga:

Mai, an OL who's never taken another job, is confessed to by Katou, the elite of the Sales Department. But love relations inside the company are forbidden, and if you're found out, you'll have to face severe punishment. So she rejects him once, but he, who's usually dominate and brutal, shows only Mai his real face which attracts her interest...!?

Author(s) : KAZUI Kazumi
Artist(s) : KAZUI Kazumi
Status in Country of Origin : 06 Volume (Ongoing)
Associated Names : Will You Start Secret Love with me? / さあ秘密をはじめよう
Genre : Josei / Romance 
Year : 2008

Raws :  
Volume 01 : Download
Volume 02 : Download
Volume 03 : Download

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