Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Associated Names: ファイブ
Year: 2004
Status in Country of Origin: 15 Volumes (Complete)
Hina has repeatedly transferred schools due to her father's job, and has always dreamed of a normal high school life. At her new school, however, she finds that her class is comprised solely of guys! On top of that, five mischievous boys from her class have taken a liking to her...?!

Download: volume 1-10


  1. After download, it cannot open..what kind of software for that files to open? I have mac btw

  2. @yang
    it's a rar file you need to download winrar or winzip to extract it

  3. Thankkkkssss for the raw!!!

    I LOVE FIVE!!! :D

  4. rar file? but it shows that its document.. I have unrar software to extract it.. or I have to use exact winrar?

  5. I just download winrar and it still doesn't work :'( what should i do? is there another solution? >.<

  6. @yang
    right click the file with your mouse, a drop down menu will appear the select extract files,cuz i extracted my file and there was nothing wrong with it

  7. Duchee,

    Really? I have both pc and mac computers.. both didn't work either.. :(

    I wonder if you can upload it in mediafire somehow? pretty please? I really want to read XD

  8. Duchee,

    It finally worked! because I added ".rar" in the end and it finally able to extract :p Thanks for replied to all my messages and be patient with me.

    thanks again!

  9. @yang
    glag i could help, btw can you read Korean?

  10. Yes I can read Korean..not much but I can understand manhwa :)

  11. we need Korean for shojo manhwa scans so can you understand enough to translate them?if it's not a 100% i can always get one of our Korean translators to proofread them
    plz e-mail me on

  12. Updated with the vol.11-15?
    Pleaseeeeeeeeee ..!!! T__T

    Thank you very much!!!