Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sheikh no Izanau Yoru ni

Associated Names: シークのいざなう夜に,Traded to the Sheikh
Author: Emma Darcy

Artist: TODA Megumi
Genre:Josei Romance
Status in Country of Origin: 1 Volume (Complete)
Year: 2009
Will she succumb to the sheikh?

Who dares trespass on Sheikh Zageo's palace on the exotic island of Zanzibar? Zageo demands that the intruder be brought before him!

Emily Ross is appalled to find she's the sheikh's prisoner. To prove her innocence she needs Zageo's help. If the price is giving herself to him, then it's one she'll have to pay....

In order to meet up with her sister and her husband, who live in politically unstable Zimbabwe, Emily travels on her own to Zanzibar. Her biggest mistake is to accept the charming words of a French trader who offers her a free ride in a yacht in return for her services as a crew member. This man turns out to be a drug dealer, and after being exposed by the sheikh, the trader offers Emily as a gift! The sheikh thinks she is a prostitute, and her attempts to convince him otherwise fall on deaf ears. And now, she finds herself held captive in the luxurious palace...!

Downloads: volume 1


  1. i love harlequin manga! thanks alot!

  2. yes I've come to love them too, rite now I'm searching for one called Black Jack no Yuuwaka

  3. when you do should i translate that?

  4. @lulu
    yes we can make that another project

  5. Hi i was just wandering if you could provide me with the password to download this.

    Thank you

  6. Thanks a bunch. You got a lot of great stuff on here.

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  8. ok just let me know when you find the manga! ill translate it as long as its in korean!

  9. Thank you so much!!!!! I loved this story