Friday, January 28, 2011

Ryuusa no Koi

Associated Names: The Sheikh's Virgin Princess
Author : Sara Morgan
Artist: KOHAKU Yuu
Year : 2009
Genre : Josei / Romance
Status in Country of Origin : 1 Volumes(complete)


Karim, Sultan of Zangrar, sought a gentle, obedient bride. What he got was a defiant, feisty wife with fire in her eyes!

She couldn't be a virgin--she was a rebel princess who wouldn't be tamed. She was hiding secrets, refusing to do his bidding!

The marriage contract couldn't be broken. Their wedding vows had to be sealed!

And then the sultan discovered Princess Alexandra was in fact an innocent....

Download: Volume 1


  1. is there a link for Ryuusa no Koi, I can't seem to find one to download?? Any help?? Thanx!!

  2. Can someone post a link to this manga PLEASE!!!??

  3. Hello, sorry to bother you but do u mind if i use this Raw for my group? We r thinking of translating it. and if I am allow to do so. Who should i put as the Raw Provider?

  4. @kitty1827

    Hi Kitty Raw Provider is Shojo Manhwa Raws and please link back to us

  5. @kitty1827

    BTW What is the name of your group

  6. @duchess1 Thank you very much, The group its Sweet Indulgent.

  7. Hello I found this manhwa, and I would like to read it. However, the link says that I need a password. How do I get a password?