Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Orgel Garden


From Infinity Scan:
As a child, Maria would tell a story about the Orgel to Sara. A story that seem to be out of this world. On that night, Maria intrusted Sara with a special gift, the Orgel. Although, Maria would like Sara to hear the tune from it but it was impossible without the key. It a gift that will lead her to unlock the Orgel one day and to find the place in the story that Maria had told her about. The academy in England where Maria resides...

Author : SEOK Yun Joo
Year : 2005
Genre : Drama / Shoujo
Status in Country of Origin : 6 Volumes (Complete)

English Scans
Volume 02 / Volume 03 / Volume 04 / Volume 05 / Volume 06


  1. can you upload for volume 1? thanks

  2. Volume 1 is translated :