Monday, January 24, 2011

Ai o Yakusoku Sureta Machi

Associated Names: Lonesome Cowboy
Author :Debbie Macomber
Artist :
Year : 2007
Genre : Josei Romance
Status in Country of Origin : 3Volumes(?)
In the Ai o Yakusoku Sureta Machi series (愛を約束された町シリーズ), also called the "Heart of Texas" series:
1. Ghost Town no Bara (ゴーストタウンの薔薇; Lonesome Cowboy):
Everyone in Promise thinks Savannah Weston is an old-fashioned kind of woman, quietly content to stay on the family ranch with her brother Grady. But Savannah has her passions--for the old roses she loves to grow, for the children she hopes to have. And for a man named Laredo Smith. He's a stranger to Promise, a disenchanted cowboy who may just change Savannah's life.

2. Kouun o Yobu Kiss (幸運を呼ぶキス; Texas Two-step):
Ellie Frasier needs her friends. She's still mourning her father, still learning to run the business he left her -- Frasier's Feed Store, in Promise. She knows she can count on the people here for comfort and support, laughter and friendship...But now her long-standing relationship with one of those friends -- rancher Glen Patterson -- seems to be changing, turning into something else. Love?

3. Machiwabita Kokuhaku (待ちわびた告白; Caroline's Child):
Who's the father of Caroline's child? Everyone in Promise wants to know, but no one's ever asked -- or ever will. Maggie's five now, and Caroline Daniels has kept her silence all these years. It doesn't change how the people in this community feel about Caroline. They're protective of her and Maggie; they care. Especially rancher Grady Weston, who's beginning to realize he more than cares.
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Downloads: volume 1

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