Friday, December 24, 2010

Why Do You Love Me?


 [From: InfinityScan] Anna, sweet, kind, and an angel as Ou Bin described was always being bullied by the Oc Ja Gang to the point where she has to be rested until she recover. Though, there these rumor going around the school that Anna is coming back. Ou Bin, excited about the news rushed to go find her but...what he see is someone else and not the sweet Anna.

Author : Wann
Year : 2003
Genre : Drama / Romance / Shoujo 
Status in Country of Origin : 3 Volumes (Complete)

Download Links: 
Volume 01Volume 02Volume 03


  1. Thanks Meriem!! Looking fwd to reading this! =)

  2. will there be more raws? because it seems not finished in 4rd volume? I can not read it, just enjoy the picts, can someone tell - will there bemore or not?

  3. @tanya : this manhwa is complete

  4. the manhwa didnt end yet...the author put it in haitus

  5. thnx 4 manga
    the manhwa didnt end yet... pls ....