Monday, November 8, 2010

My Sweet Home

Synopsis :

FINALLY, MOM CAUGHT AN IDEAL FATHER! Tomboy Biane's wish for a nice and rich father is realised! Biane tries very hard to act a lovely daughter before her stepfather. However, she has to swallow her anger at her sullen stepbrother Gona, while Gona swallows it towards this overcute stepsister for his ideal stepmother. How can they get along together? Meanwhile, Shion, the boy who has a crush on Biane, burns himself with jealous from the misunderstanding that Biane and Gona are going out.

Author : Maru
Artist : Kim Jin-Hee
Year : 2007
Genre : Comedy / Drama / Romance / Shoujo 
Status in Country of Origin : 6 Volumes(complete)
Download Links : 
Volume 01 / Volume 02 / Volume 03Volume 04Volume 05 


  1. Thank you very much for your hard work. Even if not all scans are HQ you're definitely giving us scanners an idea about what projects should we buy and work on next.
    On behalf of Evil Flowers' staff, I thank you! ^^

  2. U welcome ^_^ . What does mean HQ ?

  3. U'r welcome Tessa, i had no idead other scanlators visit this blog aside from sunflower.iris

  4. Hmmm. . .does the manhwa contained in the mediafire file link belong to this series? When I downloaded it, the manhwa was different from this one. It was a manhwa by Kwon Yeul Hee. I am very interested in "My Sweet Home". I am sorry to be a bother.

  5. u are right flora I posted the raw of I'll Tame you,I'm so sorry I will later upload the raws of this manhwa .
    Duchess,I have send to Evil Flowers a message to make our blog public

  6. @Meriem, first, thank you for the message! ^^
    Second, if you want we can affiliate and add a link to your site. That way maybe more people can appreciate the work you are doing here :) .

  7. Sure , thank you so much for your help Tessa ^-^

  8. This story is super funny ^^
    I feel bad for Go-na though (in a funny way).

  9. please make in english translation.. thx

  10. when is volume six coming out?
    gahhh i wanna read :D

    thank u guys so much btw!

  11. U welcome ,I will search for it

  12. Replies
    1. the pw is: love-manhwa
      You can also find that, on the right side of this website. Right above the headline "Popular Posts"