Thursday, November 25, 2010

Full House

Associated Names: 浪漫满屋
Author: Woon Soo-yeon
Status in Country of Origin: 16 Volumes (Complete)
Elle lives in "Full House," the house that her architect father built before passing away a few years ago. She loves the place, but one day, people come to kick her out, claiming that the place now belongs to the famous actor Ryder Baye.

Downloads: volume 1-16


  1. This series is being translated and uploaded by Lila Wolves Scanlations.

  2. @NeKo-Rin
    are your team and lilawolves connected?

  3. i want to know the story and download it that badly...but why i cannot download it...*sad*

  4. Hi, I just checked the download and it seems fine. remember the password is love-manhwa...

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  6. Does anyone happen to know where I can find the second season (so to speak) of full house? I have some chapters of it from another blog, but not the whole thing, and it left off at a very intense scene too! It's killing me!