Thursday, December 11, 2014

Marrying Paris

Story: Lee Vin
Art: Lee Vin
Genre: Comedy / Shojo / Romance
Target Audience: Females in the teens, 20s, 30s
 Publication Status: Status Vol. 1-3 (Ongoing)
Serialized in Party in 2009

Wang Paris: heir to a global company MD group
Lee Dong-su: a son from the royal family, inherits an old and worn-out house and with no money; he is a know-it-all who believes his good looking appearance is some-kind of weapon

Synopsis :

A Comic Romance between the Protagonist from a Royal Family in the Joseon Dynasty and Heir to an Enormous Fortune

Lee Dong-su is a young lad who is from the royal family during the Joseon Dynasty. His father says someone with only a family name and some money left is in fact worthless and so sends his son to a prestigious school for the children of the wealthy. His father claims they shall resurrect their family’s fortunes through using the girl, Paris. After receiving an enormous heritage, now the heir to the giant company MD, there is nothing’s known about her except her name: Paris. Dong-su heads to the school that Paris is supposed to go to and encounters an odd and strange girl who seems doesn’t mind looking eccentric in a crowd. He is astonished by the fact that she is Paris. Will Dong-su be able to marry her to rebuild his family‘s wealth? Moreover, her grandfather and the chairman of MD is determined to select a suitable bridegroom for Paris. A bizarre and extraordinary battle over wining the heart of Paris begins.

Raws :
Volume 01 : Uptobox
 Part 02 (Uptobox) / Part 02 (Mediafire)
Volume 02 : Depositfiles / Mediafire / Uptobox
Volume 03 : Depositfiles / Mediafire / Uptobox



  1. To Marry Paris / Marrying Paris

    After receiving an enormous heritage,
    now the heir to the company MD-
    Nothing's known about her except her name; Paris.

    A 20-year-old victim Dong-Su,
    His father saying someone with only family name and money left is worthless, His father ordering that he take her in and treat her as a slave- His father claiming they shall resurrect their family through using her-

    Dong-Su heads to the school
    That Paris is supposed to go...

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