Friday, November 5, 2010

I'll Tame You!

Synopsis :
Author : Kwon Yeul Hee
Year : 2005
Genre : Romance, Shoujo
Status in Country of Origin : 05 Volumes(complete)

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Volume 01Volume 02Volume 03Volume 04Volume 05 (complete)
Volume 1-5 : Uptobox   End


  1. I'll Tame You.
    (The English Title)

  2. oh i can't wait for this-i love her manhwas and the cover looks greatXD

  3. why does it say next vol.3 that it's ongoing when it says in the status that it has 5 volumes and is completed?
    p.s i am so loving the manhwa and thanks for all the hard workXDDD

  4. U welcome MANHWA LOVER ^^
    It's because I have only found 3 vols , I will continue searching for rest of raws .