Friday, November 26, 2010


Synopsis:(From Tokyopop)Inez is a young orphan girl with a special
gift that allows her to communicate with all creatures. A great destiny
awaits her, the nature of which she is unaware.
Our story opens, Inez is traveling with an old wizard named Kaager
and a faithful dog named Zode. Her country is about to plunge into
it's first winter in 100 years and ominous signs abound concerning
the return of the demon-race that threatens the country's fragile peace.
Can little Inez-via a magic amulet-bring back her country's ancient
dragon protector in time.
Author:Lee So-Young
Status in Country of Origin:11 Volumes(complete)
Licensed by Tokyopop but discontinued after Volume 9
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Volume 01 \Volume 02 \Volume 03 \Volume 04 \Volume 05
Volume 06 \Volume 07 \Volume 08 \Volume 09 \Volume 10 \Volume 11
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  1. If you don't mind, can you plz reupload vol 1, cuz its not the full version... the beginning is missing... thx!!! btw, i <3 your blog!!!