Friday, November 19, 2010

Adventure and Trouble Diary

Associated Names:波澜万丈日记, 파란만장 다이어리, A Diary of Troublesome Adventures,Spectacular Diary
Author:YOO Ha jin
Status in Country of Origin: 9 Volumes (Complete)
"If you become my wife, I'll grant any wish..." Maybe it wouldn't sound half as crazy if Saeju wasn't told this by a cat (who may or may not be some kind of prince.) But she's desperate for some payback, particularly when her longtime crush blows her off, ice-cold style. But what happens when you invite someone downright... unearthly... into your life? Saeju's about to find out- particularly when one strange cat becomes one strange "brother" she didn't ask for!


  1. i downloaded the zip file and i unzipped it and there are errors in the scans.

    ! C:\Documents and Settings\Tina\My Documents\Downloads\Trouble Dairy Cannot create ??+++s ?+?e+?001532.jpg
    ! The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.