Sunday, December 14, 2014

Surviving a Rebel

Author :  HAN Yu-Rang
Genre : Romance Shoujo
Status in Country of Origin : 16 Volumes (Complete)

Raws :

Volume 01 : Mediafire / Uptobox
Volume 02 : Mediafire / Uptobox
Volume 03 : Mediafire / Uptobox
Volume 04 : Uptobox
Volume 05 : Mediafire / Uptobox
Volume 06 : Mediafire / Uptobox
Volume 07 : Mediafire / Uptobox
Volume 08 : Mediafire / Uptobox
Volume 09 : Mediafire / Uptobox
Volume 10 : Mediafire / Uptobox
Volume 11 : Uptobox
Volume 12 : Uptobox
Volume 13 : Uptobox
Volume 14 : Uptobox
Volume 15 : Mediafire / Uptobox
Volume 16 : Mediafire / Uptobox    End


  1. Thank you so much for the raws. I've really wanted to read these..but for some reason the password doesn't work on vols 5,14,15,16. again thanxs!!!!

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  3. Thanks a lot!! ;)

  4. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH Dushess-i just found out about this site and there are so many stuff i am going to download!!!!XD

  5. Duchess, would it be too much trouble to ask you to reload v4 of Surviving a Rebel on Mediafire please? I can't access Megaupload in my region... =( Many thanks for all your hard work!! You have a great site here.

  6. chris2c

    ok i'll reupload it on mediafire

  7. i love this manhwa,, <3 <3 <3
    Thank you so much for the raws,,, ^^
    please continue to do a great job,
    thanks again,,,

  8. Duchess - thanks a million!! you're so sweet to reload it for me!

    I can't believe how quickly you guys update this great site. Loving it and checkin in daily! ^^

  9. bonjour Duchess je vient juste de cree un blog c pour avoir le mot passe de Surviving a Rebel car j'aime bien ton site merci bien

  10. @dodo
    i'm not really sure what u just said,but if u want the password is 'love-manhwa'

  11. thanks duchess for the raws.
    I've got a problem to download vol.16, Can you check it please ?

  12. @laurely2611
    what happens when you download?

  13. salut merci beaucoup pour les lien c bien

  14. hi duchess, now it works.
    Yesterday each time I wrote the password, the "click here to download" appeared, but when I clicked on the link they asked me again the password. I tried 20 times and it didn't work.
    I have tried today and now it works.
    Thanks again for the raws.
    And sorry for my bad english skills I'm french.

  15. Hi Duchess,
    the link for the english scan doesn't work :/
    Thank you, have a nice day

  16. Whhaaa! °_______° Thank you! I just found this site searching for the manwha. You do such a great job! If I could speak korean or any other language you seek, I'd help. =(

  17. Can you upload volumes from 9 to 16? I read 8 volume but i can't find anywhere the other volumes :(

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  19. Duchess, thank you so much for the raws!
    Please, can re-upload volume 4, because I can't download it from megaupload

  20. Hello! Thank you so much for continuing to upload this manhwa. Please, can you upload and vol 11, 12, 13, 14 and fix vol 4 ? Thank you in advance.

  21. Could you fix volume 14 download limk?

    Than you so much!!!

  22. oh my please reupload it please