Friday, October 29, 2010

Sibellian, Fairy of Light

Author:Hwang Mi Ri
Genre: N/A
Synopsis: N/A
Status in Country of Origin: N/A

NOTE: this is a new HMR manhwa i came across,it's not on manga-updates so i've got no info on it

Downloads: volume 1/ volume 2-10


  1. This series is 빛의요정 시벨리안, 1st published in 2009. 10 Volumes (Complete)
    You translated it right.
    I am very surprised. HMR's 2009 art is that ... not pretty?
    I added it on MU.
    I can search anything manhwa-related. I can help you anytime, if you want.
    Thanks a lot for all your efforts!

  2. mylightstar,on scale of 1-10 how good is u'r Korean?

  3. can u translate a whole chapter of a manhwa,and thx for adding it on MU

  4. From 2009? It looks so retro~
    Thanks for adding this one^^

  5. Hey Duchess!!! pm me on mangafox (rubyred1) if you need help with anything...haven't downloaded anything in a couple of days...

  6. Duchess,
    Sorry for not answering earlier! I forgot about this post and there's no convenient way to check for replies but to visit this post.
    1-10, My Korean would be a 4.
    I understand a little but it is not enough to translate manhwa.
    That is my goal, though. I might be a translator for some group in the future. :)
    Thanks for all of your raws!
    You have 13th Boy! I just started reading it.

  7. mylightstar
    you can subscribe to the comments

  8. i love hwang mi ri manhwa!!!!!!