Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dear Diary

Hyobi is a famous teen star on TV who lived her whole life as her mama’s doll. Suddenly, Hyobi’s mother decides to send her back to high school on a whim. Hyobi’s kinda lost in all this and she doesn’t have a single friend at school. Then she meets this girl name Soyule, an outcast of the class, and her childhood friend Chanbi. Now, Hyobi feels drawn to Soyule and Chanbi for they don’t know who Hyobi is outside the school…
Status in Country of Origin:4 Volumes (Complete)
Downloads: volume 1/ volume 2/ volume 3/ volume 4 end


  1. What is the password to volume 3? o.o Cause "love-manhwa" or "lovemanhwa" isn't working. Sorry! <3

  2. i'll check so it shd be fixed soon in a sec