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The main character is He Yo Kang. She is not an ordinary Highschool girl.
As a matter of fact she is the jjang of her school and her gang is the most powerful
one in Seoul. But she wants a normal life and a boyfriend, she cannot though. She is hot-
blooded and cannot control her temper whenever she meets so called "wimps".

The time is the year 2002, every youngster gets to chat online once in a while. He Yo
Kang is not an exception, her nickname on the net is "Playgirl8". Actually, she doesn't
know her way around the computer but her sub-jjang, Ji Lee Jun, teaches her so-called
"necessary things for online chatting," such as being girly. He Yo begins to find a new
life by online chatting and begins to think online chatting is the only escape to gang life.
What will happen?

Author : Han Yu Rang
Year : 2002
Genre : Drama, School Life ,Shoujo,Romance
Status in Country of Origin : 10 Volumes(complete)

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Volume 01 : Download
Volume 02 : Download
Volume 03 : Download
Volume 04 : Download
Volume 05 : Download
Volume 06 : Download
Volume 07 : Download
Volume 08 : Download
Volume 09 : Download
Volume 10 : Download   End


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