Monday, December 8, 2014

Nice Guy Syndrome

Han Sae Bik, a beautiful singing voice, wishes to be a famous singer in Southern Korea. She moved to Seoul along with her family in order to fulfill her dream. However, she failed in all 48 singing auditions not because of her talent but her unconventional style.
Her family, especially her grandfather, is strongly opposed her dream, banning her from becoming a singer because of the thought that it's not a proper job for a person born into a traditional house. Once, when falling asleep in a hairdresser's, she's got her haircut just like a handsome boy . She participated in a singing contest in order to earn money for a wig. She has been mistaken to be a boy and win the contest. An entertainment agency noticed her and asked her to be in a boy band with other 4 members. The story now begins.
Comedy Gender Bender Romance Shoujo
Status in Country of Origin:
11 Volumes (Complete)
Associated Names:
예쁜남자 신드롬
Anh chàng đẹp gái

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  1. thank you for the recent updates. I thought the site was closing...
    Great you guys are back!

  2. No way we're not closing:) It's just me running the site right now and I'm in my last college semester so I've gotten really far behind...will work really hard to get everything up to date and hopefully new stuff over the summer...

  3. is this download only for PC??

  4. The ending to this manhwa was so bad. It was great fun and the ending just ruined it.

  5. what program do i have to use to open it with?

  6. help... why can't I download this? It's directing me to mediafire... says file was deleted.. Please help...

  7. the files are password protected what is the password

  8. the link to volume 10 isnt working