Thursday, April 4, 2013

Yeonliji (Forever)

Synopsis :

"신의 자손이라 불리며 특이한 능력을 가진
흑의 일족과 사화의 일족이 지배하던 세계.

어느 날, 평범한 인간의 일족 중 하나인 파랑의 일족에 의해
흑의 일족은 사멸되고, 사화의 일족은 복종의 표시로 후계자인
가연을 파랑의 후계자에게 신부로 보내게 된다

하지만 신부로 가게 되는 건 후계자의 쌍둥이 오빠인 제연.
제연은 파랑의 일족 사이에서 살게 되는데…"

Author : Kyu_chang
Artist : Kyu_chang

Associated Name:

Gener : Historical / Romance / Shoujo / Shōnen-ai 
Status : 36 Chapters (Complete)
Year : 2012


Chapter 01-05 : Depositfiles / Mediafire
Chapter 06-10 : Depositfiles / Mediafire
Chapter 11-15 : Depositfiles / Mediafire
Chapter 16-20 : Depositfiles / Mediafire
Chapter 21-25 : Depositfiles / Mediafire
Chapter 26-30 : Depositfiles / Mediafire
Chapter 31-36 : Depositfiles / Mediafire End 


  1. Eh... this was yaoi x-e I was sure it was shoujo because of the picture, but lol... the guy has long hair, but it's still yaoi OTL.

    1. Are you sure ? can you read Korean ?I thought the same way too but when the little bride transformed into a women I thought maybe she/he don't have a gender yet or maybe she still didn't mature (her breasts hadn't grown up yet)... something like that .Anyway I will add the genre : shonen-ai

  2. awesome manga please translate in english

  3. I agree, i was only able to read until chapter 10, would really want to read more chapters. . . Please tranlate in english. Please. Please.