Monday, March 21, 2011

Say Love

Synopsis :

 From Lovers Dream:
A high school boy and a female student spend the night in a hotel after drinking a little much...
... without being able to remember what may have happened between the two of them!

Three months later, the female student comes back to the young man telling him she might be...pregnant...?!

Author(s) : PARK Jae-Sung
Artist(s) : MOON Seok-Bae
Status in Country of Origin : 11 Volumes (Complete)
Genre : Comedy ,Drama ,Romance ,School Life ,Shoujo ,Slice of Life 
Year : 2001

Raws : 
Volume 01 / Volume 02 / Volume 3-5 / Volume 06 / Volume 07 / Volume 08 / Volume 09 / Volume 10 / Volume 11 End


  1. Dis someone request this manhwa ?

  2. plz reupload the 11th voliume

  3. can you reupload the 11 vol plz

  4. there is a password.... what its password

  5. Hey, would someone be so kind as to translate this series for a poor defenceless yet extremely interested Frenchman?
    This series has captured my attention, and I am curious about it, and would like to be able to read it.

  6. what is the pass for the file?

  7. Anyone knows who is translating this manhwa

  8. plz can yuo reupload volume 8