Friday, February 11, 2011

Like to be ordinary!

 Synopsis :

All I wanted is an ordinary life with everything being ordinary. That is all I wanted. But thanks to my dad (a lovely gangster), I don't get to live an ordinary life. So all I wanted is ONE thing.
I wanted to be like other girls my age and have a normal school life.
But what should I do when I get a fiancée who is gorgeous and has a dirty personalty?!

Author : Maru
Artist : Son Chan-Su
Year : 2010
Genre : Romance / Shojo / Comedy
Status in Country of Origin : 31 Chapters / 4 Vols (Complete)

Download Links :
Chapter 1-5
Other raws :
Volume 01 / Volume 02 / Volume 03 / Volume 04 End


  1. My korean isn't great..but I'll give it a try :]

  2. this is really good!!! hope i can see the other two volumes soon!! thank you! :)

  3. Oh sorry ,I forgot it completely .I'm gonna post the rest soon

  4. I do not know korean, just can look at the pictures, but found it very interesting, please, post rest of volumes. It would be great if someone can describe to me a little at english about this story. thanks

  5. wahhh this rocks!!!!! i hope a scanlator picks this series...i really like it!!!!!!! thank u for uploading it!!!!!

  6. Hello, I would like to download the raws but it's password protected.

  7. thank you so much for these raws!!!

    this is a wonderful manhwa, hope someday someone will be able to translate it quickly!!!