Saturday, December 13, 2014



Gi Rin-Shin is a middle school girl who likes to observe the
stars with a telescope. One day, while observing the stars with
friends and family, she happened to encounter a cute boy and fell
in love with him. The boy she encountered was Je Yeong-Un, one
of her distant relatives. Gi-Rin's love is a relative?

Author: Ha Shi-Hyun
Year: 1999
Genre: Drama/Romance/Shoujo
Status in Country of Origin: 8 Volumes (complete)

Download Links:
Volumes 01-08 : Uptobox


  1. Can you please, please, please upload this series again. I love this manhwa but I lost it since I moved. I would really appreaciate if you can upload it again. Thanks a lot,

  2. I would also appreciate it if you upload this series again! It's one of my favorites from the past and I would really love to have the copy. Thank you so much!