Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Accept You

Associated Names: 넌 내가 접수한다, Con Gai, Con Trai
Author: KWON Yeul Hee
Status in Country of Origin: 6 Volumes (Complete)
Yee Su-yoon is a high school student who has everything going for him – top of his class, top fighter and a Barbie-like girlfriend named Kang Ha-eun.
But why does he mistreat his girlfriend and seem to always protect a girl named Chae Shin-hee?

Downloads: volume 1-6


  1. no problem, i've also uploaded delinquent lessons

  2. can you please check the uploads? because to me when I download I can't because apparently is infected with virus... I will like to thank you on advance for your kind attentions to this matter,