Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Status in Country of Origin : 8 Volumes (Complete)
The heroine: Ddam Shim
The heroes (maybe): DD and Venu
Fate brought these three together through a chance encounter at a department store lingerie department. A double D padded-bra tag with a cell number… Sometimes, you never know what can happen if you make that call….

For Ddam, making that call leads her to a night club dive where DD is the punk rocker DJ and Venu is the decoration. These two have more going for them than Ddam first thought: like how DD waxes poetic about a girl’s eyelashes and Venu downplays his good looks by focusing on the importance of…big breasts.

Since Ddam has her own idiosyncratic behavior to deal with (she talks to cows, among other things), being with these two unrepentant, semi-uncouth, not-bad-bad boys, could be what she needs to help her get out of her funk and maybe figure out what life’s about… Although DD and Venu aren’t the sharpest wits around, there’s something about them that makes Ddam want to live.

Downloads: volume 1-4/ volume 5-8 (complete)


  1. Hi, can you check the password for volumes 5-8 please? they don't seem to work...

  2. hi there. am loving this website. the link for vol 5-8 isn't working.... can you guys pls upload another link please? thank you so much!!